Periodontal treatment

Family Dentistry

Welcome to Prestige Dental Care, where we offer dentistry services for the entire family.

Family dentistry at our offices includes everything from basic dental cleanings to cosmetic improvements. Preventive care is the key to enjoying a smile that will last a lifetime, free of tooth decay, gum disease and over all good oral health.

With Drs. Viren and Sharmila Jhaveri thorough dental exams and prophylactic services, you can be confident your dental health is on the right track. From regular preventive care, to advanced restorative and cosmetic dental treatments, we serve all of your dental health needs.

Our dental office has experience providing care for family members of differing ages, ensuring our one location meets all of your family’s needs. Our office will provide you the following benefits:

  • Modern dental equipment to ensure efficiency and comfort.
  • Advanced training to offer the most comfortable and thorough techniques.
  • A relaxing waiting room.
  • A warm, friendly staff that will always greet you with a smile.

Our patient’s satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to exceed your expectations through our professionalism and expertise. We gladly provide oral hygiene demonstrations for both the young ones and adults, to ensure your family is familiar with proper brushing and flossing techniques.

We Work Well With Children

At Prestige Dental Care, we are experienced in working with children. We make it a priority to create an environment where they feel relaxed and happy throughout their appointment.

We’re Here to Help You

If you have any questions regarding the family dentistry services we provide, then please call our office at516-470-0808and we will be happy to assist you.