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Are you searching for a good dentist at Hicksville, Flushing, or Floral Park Location? Here we are; at my prestige dental, you can get all dental issues addressed at only one place, such as bone grafts, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Fillings, General Dentistry, dental Sinus graftsetc. Here Dr. Viren Jhaveri is a trained NYU dental implantology. He has conducted thousands of implants in his cutting-edge practice, which includes a CT scanner and 3D imaging equipment.

Do you know what bone graft procedures are? If you don’t, this blog will provide you with all information you should know about this treatment approach. A bone graft is a common treatment that normally takes a day or two to heal. Before getting dental implants for your missing teeth, you require a dental bone graft to build a strong foundation for the implants. 

Tips for fast Recovering from a Dental Bone Graft

  • Take All Medications 

You may be given an antibiotic before and after the procedure. This will aid in the prevention of infection and the slowing of the healing process. Take all the medication prescribed by your dentist exactly as directed.

  • Apply an Ice Pack

Inflammation is expected following any oral operation, but there are techniques to minimize it. Your dentist will most likely suggest you use an ice pack to decrease swelling in the first 24 hours after the treatment. 

  • Consume Soft Foods

You should avoid eating hard, chewy, or crunchy foods while your mouth heals in the days following the treatment. Keeping a soft foods diet, including yogurt, bread, soft fruits/vegetables, and creamy soups, is preferable. 

Are you preparing for Sinus graft Surgery? 

It takes several steps to get dental implants to replace missing teeth. The procedure for inserting dental implants is preceded by either a bone or sinus graft. Your dental implants will be covered during your initial appointment with the dentist. They’ll look at your gums, teeth, and mouth and let you know whether you need a bone or sinus graft.

Consider creating an appointment with my prestige dental to analyze your mouth and establish whether you require sinus or bone graft surgery. We always look forward to helping our patients restore their smiles with superior dental treatments. Please get in touch with us if you want to learn more about this option or have questions regarding bone grafting.  

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